Stepping into a Vision

Posted on October 2, 2012


Dear friends,

I’d like to tell you a story.

About six or seven years ago I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Travel section about a resort called Angsana in Palm Cove near the Great Barrier Reef. I think I liked the Asian aesthetic and the Thai day spa. I cut the article out and kept it. I visited an Angsana massage space in Bay St Double Bay which has since closed down, and really liked the whole experience; the clay products and scented oils, the simplicity, the energy.

When The Secret came out, people were making vision boards.

At the time, I had two small children. It wasn’t easy, I was busy. I started studying psychotherapy when my youngest was one, partly to understand the mistakes I’d made.

Sometimes I’d take the boys to a park in the morning and sit under a tree reading. I’d hope they wouldn’t fall asleep in the car on the way home, then we’d have lunch and a nap. I’d stay up til midnight at the computer typing assignments.

I’d sit in our house and read books about psychotherapy, with my neighbours displaying the emotional reactivity and dynamics in families I was reading about.

Alongside my psychotherapy studies I bought books, cds and dvds by Abraham-Hicks and Dr Brian Weiss about spirituality and I saw them in person. I researched how we manifest our destiny/create our own reality.

I created a vision board on white canvas. In the middle I stuck a big red shiny heart and around it I put things that inspired me. One thing I always included were brochures from Angsana resort. I thought I’d go there after was launched.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Life intervened.

Somewhere along the line I changed my vision board so that now it has the logo and a few inspiring pictures, but not Angsana. It seemed a distant memory.

Then one morning a friend rang at ¼ to 9 as I was about to take my kids to school, to invite me to her wedding in Darwin in October. We met at uni, we travelled and lived together, there was no question whether I would go. So I booked plane tickets and thought I should take the boys to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree on the way so I booked flights to Cairns first. I was so busy, it was hard enough getting my head around booking plane tickets, let alone accommodation. A friend recommended a place and when we looked, there were plenty of rooms available. A week before we left I rang to book and it was booked out.

I believe in spirit and guidance. I googled Angsana, found a deal and paid for it. I stepped into my vision and felt excited, not so much about the reality of it, but about the idea that I could manifest the dream. It was a gift to myself and my children.

This point in my life will never come again, I had already bought the plane tickets, the opportunity was in front of me and I took it. Where our mind goes, our bodies follow.

So here I am overlooking palm trees and pools, with geckos and strange birds making noises amongst the green leaves and lamp light at night. I absolutely love it and don’t want to leave.

I walked along Clifton beach with the wind in my hair by the light of the full moon, feeling happy. I went for a swim in the pool which helped my sore shoulder. I like walking, I like pilates, but I’ve always loved swimming. My sons call out to me from the top balcony if I’m in the pool. They wake early and jump straight in the pool, only to get out with wet feet to get something to eat then go back in to play. “It’s fun.” They fall fast asleep at night.

This is a healing place.

I somehow knew what would make me happy all those years ago. I love being here amongst the green fertile hills and tropical life. It was just a matter of waiting until the timing was right.

Follow your bliss ~ Joseph Campbell.

A back energy massage at Angsana Spa.

Warm towels wipe away the dirt from my feet.

The whole thing is totally perfect.

I can’t tell you how perfect it was. It was so perfect I didn’t want it to end.

Calming music with the door open to hear the sounds of the waves and the gentle wind in the coconut palms.

I enjoyed every moment deeply.

They are Thai, they train and work in Phuket. The touch and pressure was exactly right, I was thinking this woman must be psychic, she knew exactly what to do for me and my body. I had complete trust in her.

When one feels that sort of peace, the spiritual dimension is easily accessible.

Then a warm cup of tea at the end, to complete the half hour session to make it one hour.

I asked her how she was so good. She said that as a child in Thailand she grew up on a farm and she would massage her mother and other people.

“I enjoy it. I can even say I love it.”

I asked her why she’d gone over time and she said she didn’t want to rush.

She is kind and knows what a person needs.

I wish you peace and love within.

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