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Navigating High School

May 22, 2017


I find myself with two teenage sons in the midst of high school. Assignments due and exams to study for. They must be done. Stress. Anxiety. Clear thinking. Getting one’s head around things. Hang on, what am I doing here? I’ve done this before, myself when I went through high school. I vowed to make […]

My Inner Farmer

December 3, 2016


As the weather started heating up quickly in November, I went under the house and got out my gardening box. I haven’t touched it since we moved back to Sydney a year ago. Too busy. I got out some things to grow seedlings in. I got out some kitchen paper which I’d put tomato seeds […]

Manly Seminary by Father Kevin Lee

September 21, 2016


Manly Seminary Staff and Associates I should have known from my very first minutes of entering Manly Seminary I was not meant to be there. As I excitedly ascended the winding staircase leading to the first year student’s dormitory with two bags containing all my earthly possessions I was whistling a happy tune. The sound […]

Chapter 27 of Unholy Silence by Father Kevin Lee

September 15, 2016


CHAPTER 27 – METHODS OF ABUSE The naivety and ridiculous austerity of the parish priest of Merrylands prompted me to request a transfer and probably led to God putting me in the place where I would make most discoveries about the flawed foundations of the Parramatta Diocese – Blacktown. Blacktown 1996-1999 Some of the experiences […]

Chapter 25 of Unholy Silence by Father Kevin Lee

September 15, 2016


CHAPTER 25 – CONFESSIONAL SECRETS Confessional anecdotes abound. I reckon any priest could tell you the most amazing tales they have heard in the confessional, which no Hollywood script writer would even be willing to invent. Priests reading this chapter would probably know even more ‘exciting’ stories than the ones I am about to share […]

Chapter 26 of Unholy Silence by Father Kevin Lee

September 15, 2016


CHAPTER 26 – OPPORTUNITY TO ABUSE The worst result of Catholicism’s domination of the private schools’ system is its sordid underbelly of paedophilia. Priests are given unbridled access to the schools they control and it seems even the legal system are averse to interfere with them. There is no accountability over what priests do, while […]

Megan Latham at the NSW Parliamentary Committee into ICAC

March 18, 2016


Coming into the Macquarie Room I saw ICAC Inspector David Levine outside and then he sat at the back of the public gallery. Two photographers were behind the committee the whole time, mainly taking photos of ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham. At the centre sat the Committee Chair of the joint committee and Liberal Party member […]