The Catholic Connection

Posted on July 8, 2012


You might need take a little while to concentrate to understand the Catholic connections I’m about to try to explain.

I will start from when I first saw the connections.

Barrister Anthony Tudehope was David Rofe QC’s junior in the Federal Court in June when they were counsel for both Vice President of Fair Work Australia The Hon. Michael J. Lawler and his partner Kathy Jackson.

Anthony Tudehope has a brother, Damien Tudehope.

NSW Attorney-General The Hon. Greg Smith’s Chief-of-staff Damien Tudehope @DTudehope blocked the release of government documents relating to alleged paedophile priest Father Finian Egan.

Damien Tudehope was Father Egan’s solicitor. Father Egan was arrested in May and charged with multiple sex offences. He appeared in court on 23 May 2012 and was released on bail until later in 2012.

“Mr Tudehope’s brother Anthony Tudehope, a barrister, attended the police station with the Catholic priest when he was charged.”

“Mr Smith used to attend Father Egan’s church in Carlingford and thanked him in his inaugural speech to Parliament for his ”Irish wit and pastoral devotion to his flock’.'”

“Despite the web of links, it was Damien Tudehope who ruled that an application lodged by the NSW opposition under the Government Information (Public Access) Act was out of bounds. In his response, dated June 14, Mr Tudehope told Labor MP Adam Searle that documents relating to Father Egan existed, but would not be released.”

“The documents come under the categories of ”formal and informal briefing notes concerning Father Finian Egan delivered to or held by the Attorney-General” and ”reports from the Director of Public Prosecutions” in relation to Father Egan.

So now we need to go to a 7.30 Report broadcast in April

“TIM PALMER: There are other connections to Greg Smith’s office. Damien Tudehope is now the Attorney-General’s chief of staff. He too knows Finian Egan well. He attended the priest’s church and as a solicitor defended him against sexual abuse allegations. The ABC does not suggest that either Greg Smith or Damien Tudehope have interfered with the potential prosecution of Finian Egan. But 7.30 can reveal documents that describe discussions the Attorney-General had about the Egan matter.”

“We’ve been told that the case is currently on the DPP’s desk, but it’s been on the DPP’s desk for about seven months now.”

NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith was once the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions.

“The New South Wales Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Greg Smith stands accused of denigrating a woman who was allegedly sexually abused.”

Catholic priest Father Finian Egan appeared in court on 23 May 2012, charged with the sexual abuse of four children in two parishes near Sydney during a 15-year period in the 1970s and ’80s.

Father Egan was released on bail until he appears again at Downing Centre Local Court later in 2012. Father Egan has not yet told the court how he will plead.

“Broken Rites Australia was formed in 1992. Since then, Broken Rites has researched more than 120 Catholic priests and brothers who have been sentenced in Australian court cases in which Broken Rites has had an involvement. These 120 court cases are on the top half of our Black Collar Crime page. In addition, on the bottom half of the page, there are a number of out-of-court cases in which Broken Rites has had an involvement. See the Broken Rites “Black Collar Crime” page here.”

“About 90 per cent of the men and women who have contacted Broken Rites Australia have been from a Catholic background.”

There is more information about Father Egan, Greg Smith and Damien Tudehope here:

I asked former Attorney-General, The Hon. Robert McClelland whether a Royal Commission could be conducted into paedophilia/child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

He said federally for a Royal Commission, the Attorney-General would ask the Governor-General to appoint a commissioner.

It would only happen if they thought that the law enforcement process wasn’t addressing the matter effectively.

They’re state crimes. They’d go state by state if in breach of criminal laws. The Victoria parliamentary inquiry is not same as a royal commission.

For a Royal Commission in NSW, it is up to the NSW Attorney-General. The NSW Attorney-General is The Hon. Greg Smith and his chief-of-staff is Damien Tudehope.

I asked whether The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) CEO John Lawler could investigate the church but he said the ACC has a specific brief to do indigenous communities.

“The ACC created in 2002 to tackle “nationally significant” crimes … regularly labelled the country’s most powerful crime-fighting agency.”

John Lawler was the Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police.

John Lawler is The Hon. Michael J. Lawler’s brother.  Their father is Sir Peter Lawler Sir Peter, who has had many achievements, including Patron of The Australian Family Association

Damien Tudehope ran for the seat of Baulkham Hills:

“Outside interests and memberships: Australian Family Association”

“I have a long-standing interest in mental health and firmly believe in the need to improve the delivery of services to the State’s most vulnerable.”

“Supporters of one of the candidates, Australian Family Association NSW spokesman Damien Tudehope, have lodged an internal party appeal against the validity of a Young Liberal branch meeting last week, which appointed seven preselectors aligned with Mr Tudehope’s opponent, civil contracting industry spokesman David Elliott.

Mr Tudehope is supported by influential right-wing state upper house MP David Clarke.”

“However, they warn a victory by Mr Elliott will not be taken lightly, particularly as they believe Mr Tudehope was on a promise for Baulkham Hills from state leader Barry O’Farrell.”

“NSW Liberal MLC David Clarke, an Opus Dei Catholic, has said it is the responsibility of Christians to involve themselves in politics, and it’s natural that political party branch officials will seek new members among their friends.

“Mr Clark, who spoke with the ABC’s Religion Report yesterday, was described as the “convenor of a rapidly-expanding new Christian conservative wing of the New South Wales Liberal party”.

The ABC linked Mr Clark’s involvement with an Opus Dei “stacking” of the Randwick-Coogee branch of the Young Liberals, which has 21 of its 88 members giving their address as Opus Dei’s Warrane College.”

Warrane College at the Kensington campus of UNSW is run by Opus Dei.

Redfield College is also Opus Dei. Damien Tudehope’s son Tommy Tudehope, attended Redfield College

Montgrove College and Wollemi College are two more Opus Dei boys schools in western Sydney.

The girls school is Tangara at Cherrybrook

Tommy Tudehope is involved with Warrane College at UNSW.

“Politics and Principle” A-G Chief of Staff to speak at Warrane Lunch.

“Damien Tudehope, Chief of Staff to Greg Smith, SC, MP, will speak at the Warrane Association Lunch on Thursday, 19 April 2012.”

I think Damien Tudehope and Anthony Tudehope boarded at Chevalier College, a Catholic coeducational high school situated in the NSW Southern Highlands in Moss Vale near Bowral.

John Fahey, former Premier of NSW and federal Finance Minister went to Chevalier College.

“The Centre is named after a friend and generous supporter of the School, Maureen Tudehope, whose family generously donated to make the project possible and to honour her memory.”

10 NSW bishops warned the faithful against voting for the Greens in the NSW election, a two-page document entitled The Green Agenda was circulated by Catholic agencies and through schools.

NSW Parliament transcript about the Catholic church’s legal structure:

Royal Commission is not the Answer say Hockey and Shorten:

Federally, here are some old boys in the Federal LNP who went to Catholic schools Riverview Old Ignatians

Tony AbbottMHR (Lib) (1994 – ) Current Federal Opposition Leader

Barnaby JoyceQLD Senator (Nat) (2005–present)

Nick Greiner – Liberal Premier of NSW (1988–1992)

Tom Hughes QC – Barrister; MHR (Lib) (1963–1972); Attorney-General (1969–1971)

and Old Boys of St Aloysius’

Tony Abbott MP – the Australian Leader of the Opposition

Joe Hockey MP – a Member of the Australian House of Representatives

Jonathan O’Dea MP – a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Davidson for the Liberal Party from 2007 to the present

Nick Greiner AC – the 37th Premier of New South Wales (1988–1992)

There is a Jesuit saying, ”Give me the child until the age of seven and I will show you the man.”