When is it Time to Stop?

December 11, 2013


I wrote this story in 1985, when I was 13 years old. Sitting on my old wooden crate I looked along the wide, pot-holed dirt road in the black township of Duducka. The skinny chickens scratch around in the dirt and the small, thin African children play with their balls and ropes. They sing and […]

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Mark Textor and Ethics in the Age of Transparency

November 24, 2013


I first noticed Mark Textor when he supported the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse which I had been campaigning for for several years, partly via this site. I respected him for that. I noticed that he’d gone to a small state primary school in Alawa in a suburb of Darwin yet he didn’t seem […]

Father Kevin Lee’s interactions with NSW Police Sex Crimes Squad manager Detective Inspector Paul Jacob

November 19, 2013


This is an excerpt from Father Kevin Lee’s book ‘Unholy Silence.’ p170-174 Read more at unholysilence.com The media’s interest in the Father F case simmered for a number of days until the Catholic Dioceses of Armidale and Parramatta announced a joint “internal inquiry” into the handling of the Father F affair which would be chaired […]

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Honouring Father Kevin Lee

November 18, 2013


A Memorial Mass was held for Father Kevin Lee at St Thomas Aquinas Church in Springwood this morning. Kevin’s brother Father Brendan Lee was the celebrant and the church was packed. A number of police in uniform attended, as Kevin had been a regional chaplain to the NSW Police for 14 years. “He could comfort the disturbed […]

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Lowering Australia to Rupert Murdoch’s Level

November 1, 2013


In the midst of the phone hacking trial in London, Australia prostituted itself to Rupert Murdoch. “Rupert Murdoch will give the annual #LowyLecture in Sydney tonight. Watch LIVE on #ABCNews24 from 8:30pm AEDT” pic.twitter.com/OFb3lTPRE5 Why did @ABCNews24 broadcast a speech by a man who has done so much damage in the world? Immoral and criminal […]

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The Boy in the Magic Shop

October 20, 2013


In the car I was listening to Conversations on 702 ABC Sydney. The man being interviewed was James R Doty. I only heard about his childhood experiences and was fascinated with his story as a boy in a magic shop learning how to visualise and change his life. When I had time, I went back […]

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Tony Abbott’s Taste for Chartered Flights

October 13, 2013


It was a wedding which triggered an avalanche of questionable expense claims being investigated, from a country music festival to various sporting pursuits in marginal seats. Which is cheaper for taxpayers – Tony Abbott’s “charity rides” or his chartered flights? Abbott and co have been projecting across parliament for years about corruption and waste of […]

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