Megan Latham at the NSW Parliamentary Committee into ICAC

March 18, 2016


Coming into the Macquarie Room I saw ICAC Inspector David Levine outside and then he sat at the back of the public gallery. Two photographers were behind the committee the whole time, mainly taking photos of ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham. At the centre sat the Committee Chair of the joint committee and Liberal Party member […]

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At the 2015 Blackmores AGM

October 31, 2015


Christine Holgate, CEO: The China Free Trade Agreement is extremely important to Blackmores, to take products into the Chinese market. At the moment there is a 35% import tariff on products like fish oil. Asian business has had the most outstanding period. More business in Asia brings more business through the facility in Warriewood. She […]

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How did the Australian media get it so wrong with Kathy Jackson?

August 24, 2015


At school, our children are taught “Bullying No Way.” When they feel bullied, they’re taught to say “Stop it. I don’t like it,” and to report the incident to the teacher. Other kids who witness bullying are taught to tell the teacher. When you have the Education Minister Christopher Pyne bullying Craig Thomson, it’s on […]

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Who was Kevin Lee with when he died?

December 4, 2014


That is a question I have asked since Kevin Lee died a year ago. I was suspicious about the circumstances of his death because of what Kevin Lee wrote to me which I have published below. Why did it take a year for me to publish it? Kevin wrote a lot of detailed personal information […]

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We’re Signing Up for Active Duty

June 1, 2014


By Robin Mosman I am 73 and have spent the last 33 years of my life co-ordinating resident and environmental actions, on the NSW Central Coast and in the Blue Mountains. On the coast, we stopped two international chemical companies from establishing in locations that would have put Tuggerah Lake at risk, and forced a […]


May 16, 2014


The Liberal Party does not want a Federal ICAC and this is why. The connections are so complex between lobbyists and the Liberal Party. Many of these men in powerful positions send their children to private schools and invest and/or work in ethically dubious companies. The environment is not a concern to them. The NSW […]

When is it Time to Stop?

December 11, 2013


I wrote this story in 1985, when I was 13 years old. Sitting on my old wooden crate I looked along the wide, pot-holed dirt road in the black township of Duducka. The skinny chickens scratch around in the dirt and the small, thin African children play with their balls and ropes. They sing and […]

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