How did the Australian media get it so wrong with Kathy Jackson?

Posted on August 24, 2015


At school, our children are taught “Bullying No Way.” When they feel bullied, they’re taught to say “Stop it. I don’t like it,” and to report the incident to the teacher. Other kids who witness bullying are taught to tell the teacher.

When you have the Education Minister Christopher Pyne bullying Craig Thomson, it’s on a different level. For five years, Craig Thomson was bullied by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne and their gang of thugs who are now running the country. It was bullying on a national scale.

Mostly the media was asleep to it. They ran with the gang of thugs and watched Thomson being kicked in the head, lying on the ground repeatedly being hammered. The media amplified the bullying, they interviewed Kathy Jackson non-stop. She was their darling, supposedly the innocent victim.

Well now, five years later, after Thomson has left parliament and his career is ruined, we find out that Kathy Jackson is in fact a complete fraud, hypocrite, thief and liar. It’s too late. The Abbott government got into power on the back of Kathy Jackson’s lies. It worked beautifully for them. The media didn’t question Kathy Jackson at all, they loved her. It was all so easy.

On the 19th August 2015, the Federal Court ordered Kathy Jackson to repay $1,406,538.16 which she stole from the Health Services Union.

The Kathy Jackson/Craig Thomson saga tells you everything you need to know about the Liberal Party and the Australian media.

The ABC’s senior political reporter Chris Uhlmann was led up the garden path by Kathy Jackson, basically giving her free reign on the 7.30 Report for what seemed like years:

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, anyone who questioned the dominant narrative, that Jackson was wonderful and that Thomson was the crook, was considered stupid.
It actually took strength of character to step outside the media’s dominant narrative and to question it. I once supported Thomson on Twitter when he was being bullied by Kate McClymont.
What was wrong with the previous Executive Producer of Four corners that she didn’t do a story on Jackson and Lawler for the past 3 years?
For 3 years @4corners @abc730 @Lateline etc … missed the boat completely. That’s the story. How? Why?
Is the ABC seriously questioning senior political reporter Chris Uhlmann’s bias and lack of insight about Jackson and his closeness to Steve Lewis?
In the Canberra press gallery bubble, it seems that to get a job you have to go along with the dominant narrative. If it was wrong, they go quiet.
In any profession, eg if a doctor diagnosed a patient wrong, there is a medical board and they can be sued. What about senior political reporters?
I just think that senior ABC political reporters need to have more insight than the rest of us. If they don’t, they don’t deserve that job.
Chris Uhlmann is close to Steve Lewis, who was News Corp’s chief national political reporter throughout the Thomson Jackson episode. Lewis as a Murdoch employee seemed very close to Victorian police, questionably close. Who was he in contact with at the fraud squad? There are questions to be answered. Steve Lewis was the ring leader, who I wrote about before:
Uhlmann and Lewis have written two books together, in fact they were writing The Marmalade Files together throughout the Thomson Jackson episode.

Steve Lewis is now a lobbyist in Canberra which would be handy with all the contacts he has in the Liberal Party and all the favourable coverage he gave them in their election campaign. He was also heavily involved in the James Ashby, Mal Brough and Peter Slipper saga, which ended up the Federal Court. Another case of the Liberal Party, this time with Mal Brough, lying in an attempt to bring down the Gillard government. Brough admitted lying on 60 Minutes.

Finally we got a fair and balanced story from @abc730 about corrupt thief and sociopath Kathy Jackson, after the Federal Court’s ruling:

Craig Thomson: “In relation to myself, there was a conviction for taking between $3,500 and $5,000, and quite frankly, it’s something that I would’ve appealed further, but this – but the fight so far has pretty well bankrupt me, taken away my career, taken away job prospects. There was no chance of continuing the fight. But today is part-vindication in relation to these issues.”

Since that moment, most of the Australian media has suffered from collective amnesia. Shock horror who knew?

Some people did know the truth about Kathy Jackson. Stories were published in Vex News, the comments were like a cess pit, but as Andrew Landeryou said, “There’s a lot of unvarnished truth in a cesspit. Including that part where we first broke news of Jacko’s crookedness.”

Cameron Stewart wrote a good article about Kathy Jackson in February 2012:

It was revealed by Peter Wicks at

Peter Wicks and David Donovan tried to tell journalists but it fell on deaf ears:,8090#.VdrX0bEjyRI.twitter

Many journalists were told repeatedly on social media, but they chose not to listen. It’s bizarre the collective silence that has followed the Federal Court decision. It’s not the news they wanted to hear. They wanted to hear that Kathy Jackson was innocent and Craig Thomson was guilty, to prove that they were right all along. It was a Trial By Media and the truth lost big time. The Australian media got it so wrong by following Abbott, Pyne and Kathy Jackson but they don’t want to admit how badly they did. They’ve gone totally quiet.

On ABCTV’s insiders, Barrie Cassidy brought up Kathy Jackson. When Karen Middleton tried to say that there were people who did know, who tried to tell them, she was drowned out by the men who think they know it all. They weren’t interested in self-reflection, Insiders glossed over it. ‘Nothing to see here.’ Remember Insiders talked about Thomson non-stop for months and years, it got so boring because it was all hypothetical, he hadn’t been charged for anything.

The ABC has moved so far to the Right that its bias is obvious. Howard succeeded in his mission to install right wing employees to the ABC Board and throughout the organisation, which he began in 1996. I saw what he was doing and I left ABC TV that year. Stacking the board has worked well for the Liberal Party.

Remember Children Overboard and the senate inquiry? This was truth overboard again. Perhaps we’ll have a Senate Inquiry and find out the answers to our questions one day.

How many meetings did Kathy Jackson have with the Liberal Party?

Did FWA ever investigate Kathy Jackson having access to its computers?

Kathy’s phone records show the phone calls made from her HSU phone which she had to hand back.

(2012) “I thought it would be interesting to see who Kathy Jackson had been chatting with before the HSU Administrator took her phone away.”

“I wonder what HSU business Jackson was discussing with Eric Abetz’s office, while Abetz was asking questions of FWA President Iain Ross, and later Terry Nassios, at the Senate hearings into the FWA investigations? Note: the phone number not only appeared in the dialled numbers list, but also in the SMS part of the bill.”,4328

(August 2015) Kathy Jackson did us all a favour: Eric Abetz

This was Craig Thomson’s speech in parliament in 2012:

“I was approached by the now national secretary, Kathy Jackson, and Michael Williamson, saying: ‘What are you doing? Why don’t you just collect your salary and do nothing?’ ‘And do nothing’—that was what they expected you to do in relation to these issues.

‘We will be coming to the Fair Work Australia report shortly, but the Fair Work report’s allegations are largely based on allegations—I repeat allegations—made by two people: Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson. One of the issues with Fair Work Australia is the weight that has been given to those allegations. I raise these next points only in the context of the weight that Fair Work gave to those allegations. You have to look at what standing these people have if you give weight to the allegations.

‘Kathy Jackson drives a union paid for Volvo. It is alleged she has child care and gym fees paid for by the union. These are issues that I am raising that are on the public record; this is not something that I am seeking to use privilege for that is not already out there. She has had numerous overseas trips, none of which, as national secretary, I was aware visited any unions. Within weeks after I left, her salary almost doubled from the salary that I received, allegedly now being around some $270,000. She sat on the board of HESTA, collecting board fees for many years, rarely attending meetings. But when the union decided the board fee should go to the union, she left the board. She got an $84,000 golden handshake from her branch when they merged and formed the HSU East branch of the union, the branch that is in so much trouble and the subject of so many inquiries. She rarely attended national executive meetings, and when she did it was to have her name marked off and then she would leave.

“There was, though, a particular threat that was made that I thought was just part of the routine threats that were constantly made in working in this environment. That was a threat by Marco Bolano in words to the effect that he would seek to ruin any political career that I sought and would set me up with a bunch of hookers. This was a threat that started in Kathy Jackson’s office. The rant went right down the corridor and was witnessed by many people. It was then also the subject of a report. A letter was written to the Jacksons and to Michael Williamson complaining about this incident and putting, very importantly, this instance on record—on record when it occurred that there was this threat.

‘Later on, some years later, Michael Williamson said in front of a few witnesses, ‘This is the way we deal with people in the Health Services Union when we have problems.’ So we have the threat and, post facto, we have an admission. But Williamson went further. In the Daily Telegraph, a week ago on Saturday, he actually said he knew about this and it was commonplace in Victoria in relation to this union. So he made that absolutely clear. Of the seven occasions that are set out, three of them could not be me. There are alibis: on two occasions my being with other people, and on one occasion being in Perth and not being in Sydney for the month around the alleged incident.

‘I want to talk briefly about the separation of powers and the presumption of innocence. Members of this House have a clear obligation to uphold and respect the rule of law. I think it should be of great concern to all Australians that the Leader of the Opposition has said that I am not entitled to the presumption of innocence because I am clearly guilty. I think that the Leader of the Opposition’s concept of guilt means trial and conviction by media, and it suggests that, if he were to become Prime Minister, populism rather than principle, assertion rather proof, would be the guiding principles of his government.

‘The most vexing thing for me and the most difficult thing in terms of making an explanation about these issues is—and can I say again: this is not a court of law and in this country we do actually have the presumption of innocence—explaining one’s innocence and making out a case in relation to that, which for good reason is much more difficult and that is why we have that presumption at law in Australia.

“the presumption of innocence has been trashed by the media and those who feed them can be gleaned by the constant use of phrases and words which connote guilt.

“For the first time, in the last few weeks I have felt very anxious and nervous about walking into shopping centres. That is what we do, but I have felt affected by that. But for the welcome, but for the understanding of my constituents it would be impossible. The effect that this has had over four years on my health and mental health probably is evident. It is something that people need to be very conscious of when they go off on a witch-hunt, without evidence, based on just accusations.

“This should never again happen. We should never be in this situation again where the rule of law is trashed completely by a parliament. What do you think you are doing here? Are we going to have parliament ruled by the mob?”

(August 2015) “Basically it’s been five years since my speech in parliament when I exposed Kathy Jackson,” Thomson said.

Here’s a link to the parliamentary apology which Pyne and Abbott made to Kathy Jackson and others in February 2014:;fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22chamber/hansardr/8ab90ee4-4daf-4562-81de-62f4ff657b8d/0000%22


(2013) Abbott praises ‘honest’ Kathy Jackson:

“We’ve had people like Kathy Jackson heroically, heroically, say that enough is enough, it’s all got to stop and I think the honest people inside the union movement, the honest people inside the Labor Party will welcome this royal commission,” Mr Abbott said.


(2013): Kathy Jackson is a revolutionary, Mr Speaker, and Kathy Jackson will be remembered as a lion of the union movement.

Perhaps Pyne meant “liar of the union movement.”


Miranda Devine has hailed Jackson as an “inspiration to other women”.

(2011) “The 45-year-old, mother-of-three is the one person in this sordid affair whose integrity shines through.”

In 2011 @mirandadevine nominated Kathy Jackson for sainthood!

Kathy Jackson won’t be bowed or beaten

Oh Miranda, it’s hard to believe you’re so thick.

Paul Murray

“Ray Hadley’s weekly news summary in the Daily Telegraph somehow missed the news about Jackson? Could never admit he was wrong. Hypocrite.”

The Liberal Party had a psychiatrist do an assessment of Kevin Rudd and he was found to be a grandiose narcissist. Did they not bother to get an assessment of their leader, Tony Abbott?

Kathy Jackson led a witch hunt to destroy Thomson, Shorten and anyone else in her way. In the end, who turned out to be the witch?

(2014) “Whistleblower Kathy Jackson said there were still unanswered questions.”

“We still have an organisation that is riddled with power corruption and hopefully the royal commission will deal with that.”

Kathy Jackson’s criminal trial is coming and I can hear the rattle of gaol keys.

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