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The Liberal Party does not want a Federal ICAC and this is why. The connections are so complex between lobbyists and the Liberal Party. Many of these men in powerful positions send their children to private schools and invest and/or work in ethically dubious companies. The environment is not a concern to them. The NSW ICAC is absolutely wonderful, it’s the only thing keeping the “Mediterranean men” and their Catholic mates in check. They seem to believe that they have a God-given right to destroy our precious natural resources to make themselves and their mates rich. Their Catholic belief system could not care less for the environment. It’s all about making their Liberal mates and the Church richer.


The Australian Government Lobbyists Register includes lobbyists and the companies that they lobby:


This is the list of lobbyists:


This is the list of their clients:




Lobbyist Barton Deakin‘s client list:


Lobbyists include Peter Collins and Grahame Morris. Their clients include Alinta, Leighton Holdings and Apple.


Lobbyist Hawker Britton’s client list:


Clients include AMP, Australian Hotels Association (Victorian Branch) and Leighton Holdings.

Both Barton Deakin and Hawker Britton’s clients include Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Cardinal Pell’s lawyers (who were blessed by the Pope), who fought John Ellis of the Ellis Defence and who were questioned at the #RoyalCommission


Lobbyist Capital Hill Advisory’s client list:


Clients include Amgen Australia Pty Ltd. Isn’t one of Tony Abbott’s pollie pedal ride sponsors is Amgen? Aren’t they benefitting from the budget’s allocation to medical research?

This is the Australian government Lobbying Code of Conduct


“Lobbyists shall observe the following principles when engaging with Government representatives: lobbyists shall not engage in any conduct that is corrupt, dishonest or illegal”

Chairman of Capital Hill Advisory, Nick Campbell http://capitalhilladvisory.com.au/people/nick-campbell-chairman/

He served in the Howard Government in a number of roles including as a political advisor to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet.”

Director of Capital Hill Advisory, Michael Photios is also chairman of PremierState.

Michael Photios “Joined Liberal Party of Australia, (New South Wales Division) in November 1975. Held various positions at Branch and State Electoral Council level. State Vice President of the Young Liberals 1980-1981. State President of the Young Liberal Movement 1982-1984. Liberal Party State Executive 1982 to present. Member of the Board of the Mellenium Forum 2003 to present.”


Lobbyist PremierState‘s client list:


Clients include include Australian Hotels Association (NSW), Caltex Australia Limited, Malabar Coal Pty Ltd and Gloucester Resources Limited. Don’t PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia Limited do business with the NSW government?

I think PremierState used to list Xtrata and the NSW Minerals Council as clients, but they don’t now.

Under “Former Government Representative,” on both lobbyist companies, for Michael Photios it says “no.” On his website http://capitalhilladvisory.com.au/people/michael-photios-profile/

Michael Photios doesn’t mention his significant roles in Liberal Party: http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/Prod/Parlment/Members.nsf/0/e675ed5f395d27434a2567450001658f?OpenDocument


Lobbyist Crosby Textor Research Strategies Results‘s client list:


Mark Textor is a strategist for the Liberal Party, he helps them with 3 word slogans to win elections.

Clients include Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA), BlackBerry Australia and the Australian Rugby League Commission.


Lobbyist Bespoke Approach‘s client list:


Clients include Santos        and Chinese coal miner Yancoal.
Nick Minchin and Alexander Downer are not listed as lobbyists for Bespoke Approach, while Nick Bolkus is.


Peter Costello’s ECG Advisory Solutions Client list:


Clients include detention centre operators Serco, Transurban, Westpac and Coles Supermarkets.

Peter Costello and David Gazard are at ECG Advisory Solutions.


Lobbyist SAS Consulting Group Pty Ltd’s client list:


Lobbyists for ERM, Shenhua and Carrabella #csg


Lobbyist Newgate Communications‘s client list:


Clients include Whitehaven Coal, Tatts Group and Foxtel Management.

Steve Lewis is a Senior adviser @ Newgate Communications. Ex-News Corp national political correspondent. @lewiss50


Lobbyist Government Relations Australia Advisory Pty Ltd’s client list:


Clients included AGL. #csg

AGL used to be a client of both Newgate Communications and Government Relations Australia

AGL and Santos are now clients of Craig Emerson Economics, former Gillard government economist. His partner is heavily involved in CSG in southern Queensland.

The main explorers for coal seam gas in NSW are Santos which has invested $1.1 billion on acreage near Gunnedah, with AGL active north of Newcastle and to Sydney’s south, where it is tapping an existing gas reservoir.

Nick Minchin and Alexander Downer at Bespoke Approach are the lobbyists for Santos.

Who are the lobbyists for Origin and Metgasco?

“Several lobbyists expressed surprise that Mr Costello and Mr Minchin are not listed on the official register of lobbyists. Ian Smith, owner of Bespoke, said Mr Minchin was a special adviser and was not directly lobbying the new government.”


Alexander Downer

Lakes Oil, the company is 18.6% owned by Gina Rinehart, is represented by Alexander Downer and Prof Ian Pilmer. They want to frack Victoria:



“One lobbyist, who did not wish to be named, said the nexus between business interests and power within the Liberal Party meant there would be greater potential for perceived conflicts of interest.

“The biggest winner in the rush to conservative-aligned lobbyists is Barton Deakin, chaired by former NSW Liberal leader Peter Collins. Since the September election its client list has quadrupled to 63.

Grahame Morris also works at Barton Deakin. He infamously said that they should “kick her to death,” then Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

“Barton Deakin is taking on eight out of 10 clients of the Labor-aligned Hawker Britton. Both companies are owned by STW Group and clients are migrated from one to the other depending on which side of politics is in the ascendancy.

“Barton Deakin, which represents power provider Alinta, multinational contractor Leighton Holdings and computer giant Apple has senior lobbyists who include former chiefs of staff to John Howard, Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull.

”Former Coalition politicians working in the industry include Helen Coonan, Michael Wooldridge, Gary Humphries, Larry Anthony, Santo Santoro and Phil Baressi.

by @HeathJAston


ERM is now the largest power supplier to the NSW Government. ERM was awarded NSW government contracts worth close to $1 billion last month: http://m.smh.com.au/national/obeid-linked-to-winner-of-contracts-worth-1-billion-20140516-38fhq.html?skin=dumb-phone

ERM lobbyists: http://lobbyists.pmc.gov.au/register/view_agency.cfm?id=227

Ex Howard staffer Cole http://m.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/politics-news/ex-howard-staffer-cole-in-moreton-bid/story-fn59nqld-1226419797415

ex National Party MP Larry Anthony


ERM has been referred to #icac for its links to Eddie Obeid.


Imagine being a lobbyist for Shenhua Watermark, the Chinese coal miner who bought over 40 farms on the Liverpool plains, Australia’s best farmland. Ex National Party MP Larry Anthony is lobbying for Shenhua Watermark, to buy Australia’s best farmland to mine it for coal. What sort of ethics do they have?

It’s literally a minefield. Look at the names of company lobbyists, many are current or ex LNP people.

“Crosby Textor, headed by Mr Abbott’s campaign mastermind, Mark Textor, has taken on 21 new clients. It has also taken on board Mark Neeham, the NSW Liberal state director who steered Mr Abbott’s campaign in western Sydney.

Crosby Textor’s client:

The Association for Petroleum Production and Exploration, APPEA is the leading lobby group for the #csg industry. An industry lobby group, it said the government’s decision to halt the drilling ‘‘is of significant concern to the industry and sets a damaging precedent for resource development in that state’’


“Crosby Textor, the consultancy firm co-founded by the Liberal Party’s chief pollster, has re-emerged as a major lobbying force in Canberra.

“The firm now has 20 clients listed on the federal lobbyists register, up from zero immediately after the September 7 federal election. That number is expected to grow as businesses and other organisations seek to influence the Abbott government.

“Founded in 2002 by former Liberal Party federal director Lynton Crosby and polling guru Mark Textor, Crosby Textor prospered as a lobbying outfit during the Howard years. But the firm withdrew from the Canberra scene soon after Kevin Rudd’s election to focus on political campaigning, corporate advice and lobbying Liberal state governments. The firm also lobbies for clients in Britain which has caused political headaches for the ruling Conservative Party, given Crosby is also the party’s election campaign director.

“Crosby Textor’s current federal client list includes the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, the Australian Rugby League Commission and Reconciliation Australia. Infrastructure, health and renewable energy companies also feature.

“APPEA is the leading lobby group for the oil and gas industry, and is campaigning to increase community and government support for the contentious coal seam gas sector. Reconciliation Australia is leading the push to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution. And the ARL hired Crosby Textor earlier this year to help the traditionally Labor-aligned code build bridges with the Coalition, as Fairfax’s Roy Masters has noted. Tony Abbott pledged millions of dollars in federal funds for league stadium upgrades during the election campaign.

“The client list of Liberal-aligned firm Barton Deakin, led in Canberra by former Howard chief-of-staff Grahame Morris, has also ballooned. Barton Deakin now boasts 48 firms on the federal register including Apple, Leighton Holdings and McDonald’s. As Crikey reported last month, there has been an influx of Liberal-aligned lobbyists in Canberra since the federal election.

“Rival lobbyists will be closely watching whether Crosby Textor re-opens its Canberra office, which the firm closed in the early Rudd years. Crosby Textor was previously represented in the capital by Jannette Cotterell, who has since gone on to found her own consultancy.

“It appears, at least for now, Textor has no plans to work the corridors of Parliament House on behalf of his firm’s clients. Crosby Textor’s lobbyist profile lists eight employees who conduct lobbying activities — including CEO Remo Nogarotto — but managing director Textor is not among them.

“Despite their impeccable Liberal credentials, Crosby and Textor have long maintained that firms use their services because of strategic nous rather than access. Earlier this year Textor, who works as a pollster for the Liberal Party at a state and federal level, described lobbyists as a “pathetic miserable industry” of door-openers. He told Crikey last month: “The days of people winking and nodding and saying ‘I’ve got influence’ are over. Today, clients want people with campaigning and research expertise.”



Michael Photios

Lobbyist Michael Photios’s Premier State clients include Xstrata Coal and the NSW Minerals Council:


Xstrata is a name you hear in land and environment courts. Environmental Defenders Offices (EDOs) were defunded as soon as the Liberal Party got into government. The government cut $10 million in funding to EDOs. This means the EDOs will not receive any federal funding after July 1 2014.


“Lobbyist Michael Photios, who has also set up in Canberra under the name Capital Hill Advisory”




Check out who @MichaelPhotios is following
Including Paul Nicolaou: www.twitter.com/p_nicolaou

Liberal lobbyist Michael Photios stood to gain $1 million success fee if AWH got its agreement with Sydney Water.

Faceless men of the NSW Liberals revealed as Michael Photios and David Clarke

From ‘love rat’ to the power behind throne
OCTOBER 15, 2012

Michael Photios’ wedding raises questions about lobbyists

Michael Photios’s PremierState clients include the Australian Hotels Association, Xstrata Coal, the NSW Minerals Council.

The Liberal Party had a psychiatric assessment done of Rudd. What about one of Photios?


Nick Di Girolamo

Email to Nick Di Girolamo requesting $5000 for meeting with then-Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman www.pic.twitter.com/XLOqEPvT0G

ICAC inquiry: $5000 for Australian Water Holdings to tap into Queensland
April 8
Campbell Newman

“Baird getting skinned on 7.30. No answer on Di Girolamo appointment that HE forced through cabinet against independent advice.”

NSW Premier Mike Baird signed off on the appointment of Nick Di Girolamo to directorship of State Water. Was Michael Photios involved?

High cost when friendship turns toxic – http://www.smh.com.au/comment/high-cost-when-friendship-turns-toxic-20140124-31dyh.html

Jan 25 14 by @SeanNic

The rise and rise of Nick Di Girolamo http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/job-offer-after-wine-gift-20140418-36wg1.html

The Millennium Forum is a fundraising arm of the Liberal Party in New South Wales.


Paul Nicolaou


Paul Nicolaou, CEO of NSW Hotels Association, was a lobbyist for AWH & Chairman of Millennium Forum, NSW Liberals major fund raising body
with Nick di Di Girolamo and Michael Photios

“The current NSW Liberal govt – controlled by lobbyists representing developers, tobacco and gambling interests
Government of the lobbyist, by the lobbyist, for the lobbyist”

If Photios and Liberal Lobbyists faction is deciding leadership, how beholden will next Premier be #historyrepeating

“The problem is not so much Gladys’s factionalism, it is the control of that faction by lobbyists eg Photios #recipe4corruption”

“While Nicky DG did not benefit from BOF re AWH, he did benefit from Wallarah coal mine – against campaign promise!!!”

Why has Liberal Party crony Michael Photios escaped ICAC’s  attention so far?
“Nicolaou, Sinodinos, Photios, Di Girolamo. Thank God for s.18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, otherwise old tie Libs might be muttering bigoted things.”


#AWH just seem to like the Liberals soooo much more…obviously true friends #auspol #ICAC www.pic.twitter.com/j7Ck45dPNN

Thanks to @aclennell @SeanNic @HeathJAston @MWhitbourn for writing the archives for us.

How can anyone think O’Farrell was innocent, especially when they see who was behind him.

The Constitution empowers Federal Government Ministers “to make laws for the … good government” only, not personal profit and power.


The Old Boys Club:

The King’s School, Parramatta                    Michael Photios and Mike Baird

St Ignatius, Riverview                                                     Chris Hartcher, Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce

St Aloysius, Milsons Point                                             Joe Hockey

St Pats, Strathfield                                                           Obeid sons, their lawyer Michael Bowe, Nick Di Girolamo, Rod De Aboitiz, Watson SC

Bushfire Bill @bushfirebill has very interesting discussions in his posts including this one about the old boys network:


Would Mark Arbib and Karl Bitar be in favour of a Federal ICAC? Former Labor Party power brokers, they are lobbyists for James Packer’s Crown Casino.


Shouldn’t the Office of Coal Seam Gas be doing thorough checks of which companies own shares in Origin, AGL, Metgasco, Santos etc …? Shouldn’t all their licences be examined, considering Obeid, Macdonald and Hartcher were involved in issuing them?

This is what Chris Hartcher’s password “apostolic” means. pic.twitter.com/XesAoHcDlH


Mike Baird

Chris Hartcher and Mike Baird are both outspoken advocates for the expansion of CSG in NSW. O’Farrell is seen by gas giants like Santos and AGL as a staller and blocker to their expansionist plans. He had to go:


Premier Mike Baird’s former chief of staff, Stephen Galilee left Mr Baird’s office to become chief executive of the NSW Minerals Council. “Under the present lobbying rules, neither the Minerals Council nor Mr Galilee is required to register as lobbyists, meaning that any meetings that take place between the new Premier and his former chief of staff are not required to be publicly disclosed.”

Michael Keenan has a lot of shares in the resources sector:

337 Shareholdings results from the Pecuniary Interests Register


Register of Members’ Interests:


The problem is, parliamentarians’ shares seem to be in trusts.

Perhaps our leaders would like to have #csg in their backyards first to prove to us how safe it is eg Forestville, Manly, Mosman and Hunters Hill.


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