Tony Abbott’s Taste for Chartered Flights

Posted on October 13, 2013


Stop the Rorts

It was a wedding which triggered an avalanche of questionable expense claims being investigated, from a country music festival to various sporting pursuits in marginal seats. Which is cheaper for taxpayers – Tony Abbott’s “charity rides” or his chartered flights? Abbott and co have been projecting across parliament for years about corruption and waste of taxpayers money. This list of Parliamentarians’ Entitlements has been sitting online for years, yet it is only now that people are discovering it at It appears that Tony Abbott has a taste for chartered planes. Here is a small selection: Sydney to Hervey Bay 9 Jun 10 Hervey Bay to Mackay 10 Jun 10 $18,660 p8 Sydney to Melbourne 18 Jun 10 $9,968 Brisbane to Sydney 8 Jul 10 $10,300 Cairns to Normanton 9 Nov 10 Normanton to Brisbane 10 Nov 10 $32,545.00 p30 Sydney to St George 1 Sep 11 St George to Brisbane 2 Sep 11 $12,133 10 Aug 12 – Cairns to Aurukun Mission 12 Aug 12 – Aurukun Mission to Cairns $9,636 5 Mar 12 – Sydney to Bendigo 5 Mar 12 – Bendigo to Horsham $23,560 “TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR TWO FLIGHTS?” asked Beeza Geeza@beezageeza “He should have just caught the bus from bendigo to horsham, it only costs around 30 bucks,” said CarmelP@carmel_doherty 11 Oct “A bloody taxi would have been cheaper,” said Andrew Robinson@andyrobbo65 11 Oct Taxis are Sophie Mirabella’s chosen method of transport. She didn’t do buses. Did she charter planes too? “23,560 for two flights? I hope Abbott or those who booked it are told not to do the family budget?” said ken@vaughan_k 11 Oct Or the country’s budget. Taxpayers forked out $8800 for a private return charter flight for Tony Abbott Sydney to Tamworth on January 25, 2012 “Radical thought for the day: Maybe politicians should organise their diary around airline schedules. Crazy, I know…” said Mark Travers@mark_travers 11 Oct “Who owns the charter company that has received all this largesse from the Oz taxpayers and are they lnp supporters?” asked robynne burchell ‏@mavsmum 11 Oct This is the log for Freedom of Information requests: One called ‘Travel costs for the Hon. Tony Abbott and his staff’ in 2011 reveals many more chartered flights costing taxpayers thousands of dollars: MPs on all sides of politics use chartered flights paid for by taxpayers, here is a sample: Julie Bishop’s chartered flight: Bankstown Airport to Cowra 4 Oct 11 Cowra to Melbourne Airport 4 Oct 11 $9,968 Chartered planes for @turnbullmalcolm : on 30 Aug 09 Hayman Island – Hamilton Island – Brisbane $15,530 $51,768 in 2009 $32,549 in 2008 None in recent years. Simon Crean spent $51,802 on chartered flights in July and August 2012 He was Minister for Regional Australia so most of those are excusable – remote. Same with Snowdon – Darwin to Daly River, Groote Eylandt – Bickerton – chartered planes. Extravagant? Tony Burke’s chartered flights $46,428 were mostly in rural areas If it’s legitimate government business, there’s no problem. @Barnaby_Joyce‘s chartered flight was $3,000 Brisbane to St George on 23 Sep 11 @Barnaby_Joyce and Bob Katter are off the hook because their electorates are in rural Queensland. Scott Ludlam’s chartered flight: Kalgoorlie to Wiluna 19 Aug 11 Wiluna to Kalgoorlie 21 Aug 11 $11,136 The rule for chartered flights could be that if the places are difficult to spell or pronounce, it’s OK. Kevin Rudd has expensive tastes too, charging around the world on expensive flights: Kevin Rudd charged taxpayers a lot of money to destabilise and help bring down the government led by Julia Gillard. Craig Emerson wrote that Rudd told journalists that he wants to be Prime Minister a third time. Rudd was known as Dr Death by Queensland public servants before he went to Canberra but no one listened or stopped him. People are very interested in MPs’ chartered plane flights.  Boys and their toys. Compare the expenses of Gillard and Abbott. This is truly disgraceful: Tony Abbott spent $76,696.40 on photographic services for the 2010 election p32 Abbott played dress-ups and charged taxpayers for them. What about his daughter? Tony Abbott’s Telecommunications – Usage $31,293 They must have very nice office facilities. Maybe there could be a TV show ‘Office Cabinet’ where geeks go in and look at their office facilities. What is Tony Abbott’s carbon footprint? I’m curious to know whether any coalition MP recycles, you know, puts their recyclable rubbish in the recycling bin. “Has Abbott made any attempt to justify this wasteful expense claim?” asked Stuart Connolly@ConnollyStuart 11 Oct He defended it all and said there’s no need to change anything. “Hockey says debt is a priority. Is he referring to the debt that the govt front bench owes to Treasury for dodgy expense claims?” asked Robin Tennant-Wood@rtennantwood

Tony Abbott – Top 25 Rorts
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