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Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Comcar records on 21/04/12 show that from 17.57pm til 19.12pm he was driven from Melbourne domestic airport “as directed” to an undisclosed location. From 23.36pm til 23.51pm, he was driven from an undisclosed Toorak address to Melbourne City. It was nearly midnight.

What was Tony Abbott doing in Melbourne that night? Who lives in Toorak? Kroger? Hugh Morgan?

From 12.25pm til 17.55pm the next day 22/04/12 he was driven from Sydney domestic airport “as directed.” That’s five and a half hours.

In Melbourne on 21/04/12, Abbott’s Travelling Allowance as “Office Holder – Official Business,” included one night’s accommodation for $424. He had spent the previous night in Hervey Bay for $349. On 21/04/12 he competed in the Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Pier to Pub Swim, at a cost to taxpayers of $2023 in flights.

On 21/04/12 he flew from Hervey Bay to Brisbane then Brisbane to Melbourne. There were Family Travel Costs and Family ComCar expenses claimed for that weekend.

Which Coalition MPs were in Melbourne with Abbott on 21/04/12? This list of Parliamentarians’ Expenditure on Entitlements paid by the Department of Finance and Deregulation from 1 January to 30 June 2012, gives a general idea:

Abbott, Pyne and Hockey all flew into Melbourne on 21/04/12 and flew out the next day. Other Coalition MPs could have been there too, please use the above link to check.

Hockey’s Flights and ComCar use show that he flew from Sydney to Melbourne on 21 April 12 and from  Melbourne to Sydney on 22 April 12. It does not give specific locations or times. He claimed ComCar expenses for 4 trips that weekend, as well as one Cabcharge. He spent $354 on accommodation as “Shadow Minister – Official Business.” He also claimed Family Travel Costs of $863.

Pyne flew from Adelaide to Melbourne on 21 Apr 12 and Melbourne to Adelaide on 22 Apr 12.

Pyne had 2 ComCar trips in Melbourne on the 21st, and two on the 22nd. An FOI request would reveal which suburbs Pyne went to in Melbourne on those two days. He also claimed Family Travel Costs for the weekend. He did not claim accommodation.

Were they at the same place as Abbott? An FOI request could show if their ComCars all went to the same places at the same times on 21/04/12 and 22/04/12.

“Couple of expensive comcar trips in Brisbane 19 & 20 April. Sunshine Coast perhaps?” said Denise@SpudBenBean

Yes why was Abbott so busy flying in and out of Brisbane on 19/04/12 and 20/04/12? Where did his ComCar drive him? Was anyone driving with him? Why did he engage the ComCar for so long, for about 5 hours at a time on 19/04/12 and 20/04/12? On 19/04/12 he stayed the night in Brisbane. Where were Mal Brough and James Ashby on those dates?

The Daily Telegraph Story, ‘Court documents allege Peter Slipper made advances towards James Ashby at the Speaker’s Sunshine Coast home,’ was published at 1am on 21/04/12:

If you’re forensic, read this and fill in the missing pieces, 10 Hours of Bullshit by @sortius :

@sortius ’s writing says original files were output at 23.08 on 20/04/12.

Abbott’s statement is dated 21 April 2012.

Pyne had a beer with Ashby on 19 March 2012:

“Mr Pyne had gone to the Speaker’s office to see Mr Slipper, but he was in the chamber. Mr Pyne was then invited for a drink with Mr Ashby and another staffer while he waited.”

Where did Pyne have a beer with Ashby on 19 March 2012?

“Pyne’s beer with Ashby was in the Speaker’s office Canberra, while Mr Slipper was in the Speaker’s chair for a late sitting in the House of Representatives,” said Denise@SpudBenBean.

So Pyne and Ashby drank beer out of Slipper’s fridge with another staffer “for almost two hours?”

“Mr Pyne received Mr Ashby’s email address at 11.02pm on March 19.”

“Despite Mr Pyne saying yesterday that he could not remember asking for Mr Ashby’s contact details after the meeting – which occurred a month before Mr Ashby lodged legal action against Mr Slipper – The Age has been shown an email and a text message sent by Mr Pyne minutes after the session ended, requesting the details.”

There are a lot of inconsistencies about Joe Hockey and Clive Palmer’s meeting during the Easter long weekend 2012:

Why Slipper was charged with misuse of travel expenses – and others weren’t?

“Accountability would be better served with mandatory online publishing as claims occurred” said As FOI Central ‏@FOIcentric 9 Oct

“Who exactly are those in the AFP & are they close associates of people in the Liberal Party?” asked Angela Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ‏@sallie6youtube 9 Oct

“The AFP have appeared thoroughly compromised, politically, ever since the Howard era. Haneef and Hicks for starters,” said Adrian B ‏@Volvo_of_doom 9 Oct

Remember the funding for an investigation into the Wheat Board was cut?

“Ahh yes, The days of protecting Lord Downer Of Baghdad – now protecting Tony Abbott,” said Adrian B ‏@Volvo_of_doom 9 Oct

The Federal police officer in charge of investigating claims that the Australian Wheat Board paid kickbacks to Iraq, says the AFP mishandled and prematurely shut down its inquiry.

The man who headed up that investigation, Ross Fusca, a decorated 30-year AFP veteran, says he was offered a promotion if he’d shut the inquiry down.

Abbott will be living with AFP cadets in Canberra. This is a conflict of interest.

What is going on with the Australian Federal Police?

Tony Negus is the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police and chairman of the Australian Crime Commission (ACC).  Negus is arguably the most powerful person at the ACC. He is also one of the four members of the ultra-secretive NSW Crime Commission’s management committee.

AFP boss silent on assistant’s trips – about Tony Negus and Tamerra Mackell.

Far-flung travels of police chief Tony Negus and his loyal secretary Tamerra Mackell:   June 11, 2011.

Australian Federal Police boss Tony Negus took his secretary on taxpayer-funded business-class trip to Singapore India on official police business

Despite her lack of formal qualifications, Ms Mackell was given a promotion to senior position-executive officer “high-level executive support.”

The AFP said Ms Mackell’s new position executive officer was created “to provide support to” the 47-year-old commissioner when travelling overseas.

John Lawler was CEO of the Australian Crime Commission and was a non-voting board member. He has recently retired. He is friends with Tony Negus and is well connected to the Liberal Party in NSW and the Coalition federally. His brother is Michael Lawler, vice president of Fair Work Australia.


The AFP’s Brendan Thomson is on unpaid leave as he continues to fight AFP management:

Whistleblower claims AFP turned Christmas Island into Lord of the Flies Broadcast: 28/05/2013

Is there a Melbourne connection with the Coalition’s attempts to manipulate the law?

Steve Lewis wrote, “Senior legal sources believe the Victorian fraud squad – which has spent more than a year investigating the former Health Services Union boss – could announce criminal charges before the end of the week.” published at 12am 31st January 2013.

I’d be very interested to know who Coalition MPs visited in Toorak and whether it’s connected to, “Senior legal sources believe … “

Craig Thomson was arrested at 1pm on 31st January 2013.

His civil case with Fair Work Australia has gone to mediation.

Freedom of Information logs show that people have been going through @PNSlipper and Craig Thomson’s expense claims with a fine tooth comb for years. Someone was looking very hard for something with requests made in 2011 and 2012:

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