Ethics in the Age of Transparency

Posted on August 25, 2013


Recently I met the Liberal Party candidate for Kingsford Smith at the bus stop and was pleasantly surprised by his friendly open matter.


I wondered aloud how Prof Michael Feneley, a cardiologist and Director of the Heart Lung Program at St Vincent’s hospital, could have a clear conscience with the Liberal Party accepting donations worth millions of dollars from tobacco companies.
Exactly a week later, the announcement about the Liberal Party receiving no donations from tobacco companies was made at St Vincent’s with Michael Feneley standing beside Tony Abbott.
How we treat people does matter. Especially now with the interconnections of the Internet. No one in their right mind would stand for preselection if they’ve got skeletons in the closet and people wanting revenge for wrong-doing in the past.
People know details. There is an army of tweeters keeping an eye on Mal Brough, Chris Pyne and co. The truth will come out and it will be amplified, as with Murdoch.
Businessmen might play the game of money with great success, but if they have treated people or the Earth badly and if they don’t give back, there will be repercussions.
I think now more than ever, things will come back to bite people on the bum.
It does matter how we treat people and the Earth.
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