Breathe in Now, Friday night.

Posted on August 2, 2013


Sometimes, not often, I get the urge, the inspiration to write.

It is just that, in-spirit, it is an energy that needs to come out and I have no idea where it comes from.

I don’t write unless I get that feeling of needing to transmit whatever is almost asking to come out of my fingertips, out of my body, out of my connection to all that is.

Ideas come when I’m sitting in the bath or driving, nowhere near a keyboard.

I was inspired by a man’s writing today. I bow at his feet, because he managed to put into words what no one else has. It is Richard Ackland’s article, ‘Church should realise it’s not above the law:’

It took a man who is an expert in the law, to expose what’s beneath the façade of the protector of paedophiles in the Catholic Church in Australia, Father Brian Lucas. Ackland put the inquiry into perspective, he was able to put it all into an article of beauty. The last sentence, if I had been his editor, would have been a better conclusion, however it is awe inspiring. He even mentioned how Lucas was involved in the Wood Royal Commission.

Brian Lucas is mentioned in the Wood Royal Commission’s Paedophile Inquiry in THE CHURCHES AND CLERGY Witnesses p13:

Most journalists don’t have the time, knowledge or memory to include these historical facts.

I feel love and respect for someone who has fine-tuned their craft in this way over years, the same way I feel love for my favourite pilates instructor who has the perfect weight of peace, strength and stretching in class. At the end I know that I have savoured perfection.

I looked online to see Richard Ackland speak and found two videos of him speaking about the Church and how it controls us:

So obviously these are thoughts which have been bubbling in his mind for years, and it shows, in the way he managed to put into words, what I think is difficult and unusual.

Many journalists pump out factual articles each day, written according to a prescribed style based on a  pyramid which can be cut according to how many paragraphs can fit into the paper that day. That’s necessary, but it’s not writing. Writing comes from another place, the mind, beyond factual, from a more spiritual perspective from which one has pondered the world and managed to condense truth into words. It’s like bottling an incredible child, the essence of a spirit, a being, a personality and their physical presence.

So thank you Richard, for putting into words what I haven’t seen yet. I’ve spent some years exploring Australian culture and society, you know, seeing how it works and working out what’s unsaid. The unspoken rules of power which aren’t published.

This week I saw established journalists writing about the ICAC findings, about corruption in the NSW Labor Party. I read the words of delight of journalists relishing in the power of the truth, in uncovering the cess pit of disgusting machinations. Tweet after congratulatory tweet was about corruption in the Labor Party. Yet these established journalists rarely write about corruption in the Liberal Party, particularly in relation to the Catholic Church, which it is strongly enmeshed with.

My mind works in ways which connect things. I saw Miranda Devine tweeting about the ICAC and I suggested to her and Kate McClymont that they write about the other side of politics. Miranda has been a staunch supporter of Kathy Jackson and her connections as if she’s a heroine.

Miranda, the daughter of Frank Devine, who was a friend and defender of George Pell:

Note that Frank Devine’s obituary was written by Katrina Lee, Director, Catholic Communications, wife of TV news journalist Harry Potter, both Opus Dei. Official members are ‘numeries’ and married ones are ‘super numeries’ but there are also ‘associates’ who are harder to identify. It’s very secretive. Everything members do is virtually controlled. Who they associate with, what they read, where they socialise, you need a degree to be a member, female members aren’t allowed to smoke while men are, same goes for pubs. All Opus Dei families are massive, they’re all completely anti contraception. I’m pretty sure this group is affiliated, they very often have members writing: This one too:

The father and daughter Devine journalists employed by Rupert Murdoch, firing off conservative opinions without looking into the hideous backyard they are enmeshed in, the Catholic Church.

The irony is that the ICAC issues revolved around coal mining in the Hunter Valley. Meanwhile much more sinister child sexual abuse cases were unfolding at the special inquiry in Newcastle, into the Catholic Church. This was covered by the ABC, the Newcastle Herald and the Australian, but it got nowhere near the coverage that the ICAC hearings got.

Is this because the man who owns 65% of Australia’s media is a Papal Knight? A man who’s been divorced 3 times, had an affair, is enmeshed in corruption exposed by the Leveson Inquiry in the UK and is yet to be uncovered elsewhere? Where is Australia’s Nick Davies? When will the unseen connections between Australian police, media and politics be exposed for all to see?

It’s like the veins and tendons in an arm, stretching out unseen, beneath the skin, but when one is injured, when there is a crisis, one can feel more acutely and be aware of the lines of pain which connect to the shoulders, elbows and fingers. It takes a crisis in a family to bring out family dynamics.

When I finished school at 17, I did a psychometric test to get into medicine at Newcastle Uni. I passed the test and did an interview. In the interview, I naively said that I wanted a year off to travel, which I did, and I never went back. I sometimes wish I had, it would have made my life easier. Instead I sat in the old Darwin library and filled out the form to study journalism at Bathurst, which was never really my cup of tea. I should have done work experience in a newsroom first and I would have realised. Yet here I am writing, about politics, society and culture in Australia, interested in investigative journalism. Lateral thinking is what was tested to get into that medical course, to be able to see around problems, other possibilities, to find solutions. That’s the way my mind works. I see Sydney as a map of power, with all the political interests interconnected and slowly I speak to people and work it out. People I respect as having integrity and who I want to help, I maintain their confidence. Others who I think are abusing their position of power, I contribute towards exposing.

In this age of transparency, I want to be able to share something beautiful, like a special dream which remains with one for hours after waking, as a feeling, an impression, of gratitude and that everything is right in the world. Like the way my son takes my hand and puts it over his face and says, “I love your hands.” He trusts my hands, which express tenderness and care.

It’s Friday night. I always find that I write and work best when the rest of the world has gone home, relaxing on the weekend. It’s like I have the space to think.

I don’t care whether you love or hate Julia Gillard. It took an atheist woman to announce a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse and that’s something no Australian Christian man has ever done.


Paedophile victim tells of ‘insensitive’ Lucas interview – May 5, 2014

A VICTIM of paedophile priest Denis McAlinden said she was subjected to a ‘‘very cold’’ and ‘‘insensitive’’ interview by Father Brian Lucas, documents released by a special commission of inquiry stated.

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