Crucifying Craig Thomson

Posted on February 6, 2013


There’s a lot of hype surrounding Craig Thomson. There are several reasons for that and I’d like to explore them calmly.

Yesterday I bumped into Julia Batty, a physiotherapist at the Prince of Wales Hospital and President of the PAICT sub-branch of the Randwick HSU. After we spoke, Katrina Hart came along to talk to her and I left. What a saga. Julia Batty said she knew Michael Williamson was corrupt 12 years ago but he wouldn’t let her get close to him, so she couldn’t get any evidence. It’s so political. HSU officials use the union to make a name for themselves in the Labor Party. Julia Batty agreed with me that the problem is that the media and LNP targeted Craig Thomson instead of Michael Williamson, the one who should have been targeted.

“We’re talking millions of dollars.”

I give Kathy Jackson credit for exposing Michael Williamson. The problem is, she made everything very politicised and very complicated. Craig Thomson is the scapegoat because the LNP want power, he’s in their way and that’s what they’re like.

These are photos of Julia Batty next to Kathy Jackson outside the Federal Court at the conclusion of their case last year.


Last year I spoke with Marco Bolano outside the Federal Court on the first day of the case and I asked him who was most corrupt in the HSU. He said Michael Williamson, by far.

Federal Court Outside

Obviously it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth, which is why we have a legal system, to examine evidence. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

In the meantime, I’ll look at how the media has created this frenzy, along with the LNP.

Craig Thomson said, “If we want to talk about people who are tainted then Tony Abbott is a man in my view with a tainted soul.”

In an email, “Mr Abbott appeared more concerned with making friends in the media and convincing them to think he was a “good bloke.”

Dear Tony Abbott. If you want people to like you, don’t set up a National Press Club address to coincide with the arrest of a man you’ve been bullying for years. Don’t have Steve Lewis, News Ltd’s National Political Correspondent presenting you to the National Press Club. Steve Lewis forewarned Craig Thomson’s arrest the night before:

“Senior legal sources believe the Victorian fraud squad – which has spent more than a year investigating the former Health Services Union boss – could announce criminal charges before the end of the week.”

Tony Abbott pulls stunts with the help of his mates in the media, politics, police and the law, ruining people’s lives to make himself look good. This is a video of Tim Lester interviewing Craig Thomson about his arrest:

That’s dignity under pressure. I think our NSW Premier just got owned.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said, “I think Mr Thomson and his lawyer need to calm down a bit – after all, the allegations surrounding Craig Thomson are that he was all too ready to take his clothes off in front of strangers in exchange for money.”

Thankfully we don’t have to swallow the media’s vested interests any more, we can get insight directly online:

Stephen Spencer ‏@sspencer_63 :

“Delighted by policy of @nswpolice inviting cameras along to raids. Any idea when it will be extended to people other than Craig Thomson?”

Malcolm Farr @farrm51:

“Opposition has given Craig Thomson a pair so he can appear in court. Makes sense. Wouldn’t want to deprive voters of the spectacle.”

There are lawyers on Twitter who are very helpful:

Peter Kemp ‏@peterkemplawyer

“Some of those questions perhaps with subpoenas that go behind the arrest warrant (Crown squeals of P.I.Immunity?)

“Why didn’t Vic police issue a future CAN like NSW police ie Court Attendance Notice? Why was there a requirement to arrest?

“The arrest and pre arranged media coverage was IMO almost certainly a stunt orchestrated by Vic gov & fed LNP.

“Explanations needed as to why arrest warrant rather than summons …

“‘Before issuing a warrant, the Mag or Registrar must be satisfied that the defendant won’t answer a summons or the defendant has absconded or is likely to abscond; or it is required for another good cause. Arrest in NSW &Vic should only be used as a last resort when summons or CAN will suffice. So why did they arrest #CraigThomson A: Political

“& then with pol orchestrated media coverage the presumption of innocence becomes the fine print. Fair trial now? Disgraceful.”

Beware public hearings that prejudice fair trials. by Ian Barker QC 

Peter Kemp ‏@peterkemplawyer

“Especially with contempt powers to enforce self incrimination – …


$ex $ells

Wendy Bacon ‏@Wendy_Bacon

@FrancieJones had not seen that. Heavy demonising & misleading journalism. If they’re not careful he’ll get off ‘cos biased reporting”

“whatever merits of case, Thompson arrest had hallmarks of political stunt. Qs need to be asked & answered.”

So in a sensitive political matter of #Thomson, NSW police make significant error. Why? …

Peter Kemp ‏@peterkemplawyer

@Wendy_Bacon Next Q: was a summons ever issued by Victorian issuing authority; who tried to serve it; how did they fail? Subpoena time

Wendy Bacon ‏@Wendy_Bacon

@peterkemplawyer Good point. Unnecessary, damaging drama created.”

lex rex @R3x68

“Invite was for interview only people have common law right to silence. Hence refused. If police had intention to charge in any event they should have communicated that to suspect. It’ll be interesting as I say watching the Detective who swore out warrant for arrest under cross. As to why he thought it necessary.

“Regardless of whether he is guilty or not I hope some heads roll both in Vic & NSW Pol for what they did to #Thomson Arrest & Charge is and should always BE the last resort for police against ANYBODY in the community. I have seen arrest used as a means for publicity in the past. Certain Detectives have too close a relationship with certain journalists. If surveillance was conducted on certain journalists you’d catch them having snappy lunches with certain police paid for all from the media companies credit card.

Beware Public Hearings that prejudice fair trials by Ian Barker QC 26/3/96

“where a public hearing will involve a serious risk of damage to the reputation of people who may be innocent of serious wrongdoing or to the integrity of a fair trial of anyone, the balance should fall on the side of privacy.”

“..If the attitude of many journalists is any guide, a trial would not be necessary; a lynching would be quite adequate.”

“In my view Commissioner Wood is insisting on publicity at too high a price. He will in due course finish his inquiry.”

“People will be left to pick up the pieces of their lives and the system of criminal justice will have to cope as best it can.”

“It will have considerable difficulty; that will be one of the commission’s legacies.” They were the prophetic predictions of Ian Barker QC

“In my view Commissioner Wood is insisting on publicity at too high a price. He will in due course finish his inquiry.”

“When one looks at the Wood Royal Commission and compares to what the Media Tony Abbott and Barry O’Farrell have done to Thomson parallels.

“But so shameful was the betrayal of ordinary people by those in power in this State that the public guardians were able to join the criminals

“based on statements of NSW Police, they were misled, or lied to by Victoria Police, in order to fulfill a political agenda.”

“If I personally was the Vic Cops that applied to have him extradited and charged would be very nervous of cross examination.

“Most importantly the evidence given by Vic Cops to obtain arrest warrant will be tested in Court I would think. #Canofworms

“You don’t have to participate in a Police interview it’s called common law right to silence. However, if Police intended on charging #Thomson he should have been given opportunity to attend Police Station for that purpose.

“So VIC Pol implies they couldnt locate #Thomson to serve summons but could locate him 2 arrest with Media in attendance?

“I think there is a huge story in that line of inquiry considering no “Constable” of Police can be directed to charge, not even by Police Commissioner so the Officer that took out Warrant for arrest what was his evidence and how true was it?

“You should chase up the Vic Cops and get details about why they chose to charge and not summons in the 1st instance?”

Victoria Police’s acting Chief Commissioner, Ken Lay, has admitted a stint as a member of the Liberal Party

Craig Thomson

The front pages of newspapers featuring Craig Thomson might come in useful if and when he goes ahead with defamation action:

If Kathy Jackson is arrested, it’ll be interesting to compare how many cameras are there to film her, how many police there are, whether she’s strip searched, on the front pages and all over the media in the same manner. If she isn’t treated equally, the question will be, why?

Thankfully there are respectable Jesuits in Australia:

If Rupert Murdoch has a papal knighthood, then Tony Abbott deserves one too. Do a search to see who awarded Rupert Murdoch his papal knighthood, a man called Mahony in L.A.

I think there’s someone missing from this Tanberg Cartoon and his name is Rupert Murdoch:

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