Barbara Holborow 1930-2012

Posted on June 2, 2012


St Stephen’s Uniting Church, Sydney.


“I hope her spirit is flying over this beautiful country of ours,” Millie Ingram, Welcome to Country.

Barbara Holborow cared for all children.


Father Chris Riley AM Youth off the Streets speaking about Barbara Holborow:


“The other thing I want to tell her is ‘I love you,’ I didn’t say that before she died. She grabbed my arm & said, “I love you.” Father Chris Riley.

Reverend Dr Bill Crews AM:


@RevBillCrews speaking now about how funerals reflect the personality of the person. “She didn’t fit the mould.”

“You’ve got to have real bravery to be yourself. She didn’t fit in. Troubled kids, that was what she knew. Kids who would have no chance.”

“Facing Barbara was like facing a brick wall. Out of compassion she’d make up her mind.”

“You can change the life of one kid and for that kid the whole world changes.”

“If you’re not afraid and you’re filled with love, you speak out. God is love.”

Give me tears of love any day. Give me a world like this church right now.

There was a lot of love in that church. Children Barbara cared for, now adults she gave hope and love to, spoke.

Eun Ju Kim-Baker gave the Eulogy:


“I first met Barbara when I was 16.  I had been on trial. She asked me to have a chat with her later. We talked, we became friends. Five years after I was a troubled teenager, it was Barbara who got me out of that position. Barbara helped me find my voice. She was a champion for the most vulnerable. She connected those with no voice to people … Young people in need.” Eun Ju Kim-Baker who gave the Eulogy, is now a law student.

A life lived with love and integrity:


What a Wonderful World playing.

A reading from Ecclesiastes 3:1-14 “There is a time for everything.” Reminds me of Turn Turn Turn, the Byrds.

“I will not accept cruelty to children.” Barbara Holborow

“The most important job anyone can have is being a parent … Every action has a consequence … I fostered 8 children.” Barbara Holborow

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” St Mark 10:13-16

Col Joye singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow:


Church window:


The Northern Beaches Social Riders who sponsor children with potential:


Youth case managers from Belmore PCYC ‘Step Up To the Future’ Program helping disadvanged and troubled youth:


In the shadow of NSW Parliament House:


I was chatting with an old bloke about his many experiences, particularly one boy he used to feed who came good.

I was sitting up in bed reading The Good, the Bad and the Inevitable and look what I found:


“There are the kids people like Father Chris Riley @RevBillCrews & many others work tirelessly with, striving to save them” Barbara Holborow

“Some people should never be put into positions of power.”

“After a few years I realised I was wrong. You can show someone how to open a door, but you can’t make them walk through it.”

Barbara Holborow understood the emotions behind their behaviour, tearing up a charge sheet.

“Being a foster parent can be a thankless task but of all the people who attended my court, I can’t think of any other group I admired more.”

“If you can’t parent for at least 16 years, don’t be a parent.” Barbara Holborow

“Kids and their families are right down the bottom of the list … ’cause they cost money and they don’t vote.” Barbara Holborow

Great interview from 2006 with the late Barbara Holborow halfway through the mp3. “The law’s an ass in relation to kids.” Barbara Holborow @rfidler @abcconvos

23 May Rev. Bill Crews@RevBillCrews

Sad to hear Barbara Holborow has died. A wonderful woman who helped many of the kids I looked after. A beautiful soul. God bless her #nswpol

23 May Brenda D@seaeaglenut

@RevBillCrews I knew her well. She helped me get started. A great lady . Will be sadly missed. RIP Barb

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