Through Time Into Healing

Posted on April 12, 2011


Dr Brian Weiss

When the core reasons are seen and experienced, understood and resolved, the symptoms disappear. The illnesses improve. The splinter has been removed, and the pain is gone. The recurrent drama has finally ended, and the dance is over. There is no need to project, to defend, to anaesthetize, to use drugs, to be sick any more.

(Weiss 2009:72)

As we grow by interacting with our soulmates, we ascend the ladder of lifetimes. We transcend old patterns, come to fully experience love and joy, and lose every last vestige of anger and fear. Eventually, we come to the point where we can voluntarily choose to be reborn to help others directly or even choose to stay in spirit form and help others from another level. Reincarnation for emotional growth is then no longer necessary. We can move from this path of growth to the path of growth through service.

(Weiss 2009:91)

When we understand reasons, patterns, and causes, we experience what many call grace. The grace of understanding allows us to transcend the traditional idea of karma, so that we do not have to reenact the same old dramas. We absolve ourselves of the need to repeat them, the need to experience pain. We enter a higher flow where the keynote of our lifetimes can become one of harmony and joy.

Finally, victims of abuse need to remember that even in these challenging circumstances, the soul is never harmed. The spirit is indestructible and immortal.

(Weiss 2009:114)

Ultimately, in both obesity and substance abuse and really in any form of suffering, the mechanism of healing involves the process of getting rid of fear.

How do you do it? By knowing yourself. By looking within and seeing clearly. By understanding and acquiring wisdom. By becoming more joyful and peaceful. This is the essence of any past life healing.

(Weiss 2009:126)

“When you want to comfort someone, don’t listen to their words; the words may be misleading or wrong,” Anita calmly advised me. “Go straight to their heart, straight to their hurt. Their words may be pushing you away, but they still need comforting.”

(Weiss 2009:148)

“An alignment of love from the mind to love from the heart. Then we’re in harmony, in balance.”

(Weiss 2009:149)

Caught in the rut of everyday life, we are all sometimes so consumed with worry and anxiety, so concerned with our status, our exteriors, with what others think of us, that we forget our spiritual selves, our absolute truth, our inner power.

(Weiss 2009:155)

Past life regression sometimes gives great joy to adopted families by showing them that, although they are not biologically related and although blood may be thicker than water, spirit is thicker than blood. I have done regressions that indicate that the bonds between adopted children and their adoptive parents may be stronger than the bonds between these children and their biological parents. When various members of these adoptive families areregressed, they often recognise each other in prior lifetimes.

(Weiss 2009:165)

We are here to learn and to love, I could see it so clearly. Nothing else really matters.

(Weiss 2009:167)

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