Do you Trust this Genius?

Posted on November 18, 2010


I was very interested to watch this interview from Web 2.0 Summit 2010: Mark Zuckerberg, “A Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg.”

After the movie The Social Network, I’m sure a lot of us are questioning who he really is and what he’s going to do with our personal information. What is in this young man’s head?

[25.35] “We’re a pretty small company, we only have a few hundred engineers, right,” Zuckerberg says. “I think it’s small.”

The interviewer John Battelle of says, [26.56] “I think that you’re getting to the point with Facebook and I’m sure you feel it, where some people just don’t trust you because they feel you have too much power, that you’ve pretty much cornered the market on the social graph…”

[28.02] “Do you feel that pressure of power?”

Zuckerberg’s answer is not direct, it includes the word “app” repeatedly.

He is a smart man. I would like him to answer that question about power very directly and honestly. He appears humble in this interview, in a room full of his peers. But what does he really think? What are his ethics?

On Twitter, Michael Watkins @michaelwatkins wrote: @hollingsworth how interesting was it!? heaps on insight. 😀 ”

Tony Hollingsworth @hollingsworth wrote: “@michaelwatkins I’ve favourited to watch later. Zuck is a genius.”

@michaelwatkins “@hollingsworth indeed he is, this was one of the best interviews i’ve seen him do. well worth the watch. #zuckerberg

Zuckerberg says: [41.38] “I think if anything, the Facebook story is a great example of how, if you’re building a product that people love, you can make a lot of mistakes.”

[42.02] “Focus on building something that people really like and that’s very valuable…”

[42.36] “It’s just all about building products that people like …”

How much influence does Mark Zuckerberg have in the world and how much will he have in future? What will he do with our personal information? I have questions which remain unanswered about trust, privacy and content ownership.

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