Slow Food

Posted on August 11, 2010


For breakfast, I feed my boys scrambled eggs, omeletes, spaghetti bolognaise or chicken and vegie soup.

Tonight I cooked a big bowl of nourishing vegie soup for them to eat for breakfast. “I love that soup,” my 6 year old cried when he saw it and ate a big bowl full. I fry spring onions in olive oil, add chopped up potatoes, carrots, green beans and chuck in cans of sweet corn, red kidney and butter beans. We sprinkle Herbamare on top.

Tonight they ate their sticks of organic carrots with Baba Ganoush like little rabbits.

It takes ages to shop, cook and clean up after this cooking. I buy a couple of packs of free range eggs each week. For a snack at school I make a container full of popcorn.

I reward them each day for taking Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets which have a similar effect to anti-depressants, they stimulate neurogenesis in the brain. Children’s brains are developing, neural pathways are being created.

I believe there is a strong correlation between feeding the body and the brain healthy, sugar-free wholesome hearty food. I’m familiar with the 4 hour Glucose Tolerance Test done in pathology labs, which measures blood sugar levels and insulin, after the intake of glucose. If a child’s brain is being fed healthy food, their brain is clear to concentrate on their work in class and they can function well behaviourally and academically. Sugar can create restlessness, irritability, tiredness, vagueness and inability to focus when there is no fuel for the brain. Protein feeds the brain best.

Even though cooking healthy food takes too long and I get sick of spending hours endlessly preparing vegetables, washing up, cleaning and shopping, I see the results and it’s worth it. For now I just keep going. I’m dreaming of freshly made, or a deep freeze full of delicious chicken and vegetable soups the way my mum makes them, but they also take her hours to prepare.

Slow food is slow to prepare.

This morning I cooked mashed potatoes for breakfast, which took half an hour. Then I stopped to buy Lilydale free range chicken schnitzel cut up for their lunch and we arrived at school at 9.15. On their late notes where it said, “Reason,” I wrote, “Cooking food.”

It annoys me because it’s hours when I could be working, writing or walking, but my children’s physical and mental health is my priority it seems for now.

The rubbish and recycling are taken out by the boys in the morning and the process starts again. The joys of motherhood.

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