My * 1st * Weblog

Posted on August 20, 2009


I am so excited. Just created You know that Deborah Conway song It’s Only The Beginning? It also came to mind when I  got a job at ABC TV aged 23.

I didn’t know whether to use Blogger or WordPress or whatever else, so I left it. I didn’t even grab my username. Oh lordy me. Until now. It’s like Christmas (but being a mother, I now dread December, it means getting exhausted to fulfill others’ commerce-based lies).

Having a blog site means I can be me. I’ve been writing all my life. Finally there is an appreciation for all things literary, for people who are great spellers.

I’m about to post a blog about going for a jog and seeing a dog lost in a bog in the fog. Or was it a hog? Fancy a snog in your togs? Agog? Should I show a log on my vlog? I might drink an egg nogg. Does a wog or a frog use a cog? -Joe Bloggs

I really don’t like the word Blog.

Couldn’t they think of a better word than blog?

blog blog blog blog blog.

vlog vlog vlog vlog vlog.

How about some imagination!

There are so many nice words in this world. Do they need a dictionary? A thesaurus?

Are we stuck with it?

Was it a mistake and they think it’s too late to change it? It’s not too late! But please do it now!

Was it a word a geek nerd made up like the guy who made up Java because it was a word on a list and it was the first legally available one? I like the word Java, I saw that guy on TV, speaking at a Canberra Press Club luncheon.

How about something like Tweet. Twitter. Or does it have to be 4 letters long? Woof. Meow. Baaa. Oink. Aahh…..

Scribbles. Scribes. Thoughtwaves. Streamofconsciousness. Anything but blog.

I intend to have a blog for my business.

But I can’t stand the thought.

I will not call it a blog. I will make up my own word.

Snippets. A slice of life. Slices. Visions. Thoughts. Words. Diary. Journal.

Any ideas of what to call it?

I prefer watching vlogs to reading blogs anyway, because I’m an x-TV journo and pictures tell a thousand words. But surely I don’t need to call it a vlog. That is just pathetic. It sounds Swedish. But Swedes are more fun- they go from hot saunas and jump into icy lakes. Those geeks need to employ creatives to think up good words because they live on for future generations.

I’m over it now. I just have to come to grips with Lulu, Zazzle,, scrib’d, soft phones, IP phones, a webber. Oh my Goodness, Lordy me. Breathe.

“Relax and go with the flow. Things always work out the best for me.” (Abraham-Hicks)

I was recommended WordPress as the most powerful free, secure, safe, backed-up software around. Notice that it doesn’t have that word in its title? I like WordPress, it reminds me of pressing wildflowers, which I did in scrapbooks one summer with my grandmother in Sussex, aged 5.

All I have to do is hit the word Publish. Is that really all I have to do? Hello world! Here is my * 1st * Weblog.

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